Yoga In You

With Debbie Redcliffe, Liverpool Yoga Teacher

Yoga Classes/workshops in Liverpool/Wales/Lake District retreats

Private group/business corporate sessions £50 – £ 60 a hour session  plus travel expenses if outside Liverpool.

£40 per 60 mins /£55 per 90 minutes for individual/shared sessions  inclusive of travel to you if in Liverpool City centre area ( a small mileage expense/tunnel fee if further out 40p per mile).  concession price   £35 an hour or £45 hour and half for students/low waged. Happy to travel to your home .

‘The more we sweat in Peace, the less we bleed in War’



Contact Debbie on 07765715974 or email on


The pose- Hanumanasana Exploring devotion and limitless potential- The pose is about taking a LEAP OF FAITH!

mon 545pm hatha flow youryoga studio wood st

tue 10am vinyasa flow rise yoga studio

630pm slow infused flow planet yoga smithdown Road

Fri 6pm yoganation Dumbarton St yin yoga
Sat 1015am vinyasa flow rise studio .

If enough numbers.

Guidance for students: Maximising the experience of a remote yoga session 5th April 2020 Being in a remote class is a different experience to being physically present with a teacher in a group setting. You may be attending remotely because it is not possible to physically attend your regular local class, or you may attend a remote class because it offers the opportunity to work with a teacher who ordinarily lives too far away for you to attend regularly. Remote teaching is offered by BWY teachers in a number of formats. You may be attending a live streamed secure session that enables interaction between you, the teacher and the other participants, or you may be watching or listening to a prerecorded session that has been provided by your teacher. BWY best practice guidelines stipulate that live streamed secure sessions with teacher/student connectivity and interaction are the optimum model for remote teaching; but this will not always be possible or practical. Therefore, in whichever way you are enjoying your yoga practice; the following guidance notes will help to make sure that your experience of remote teaching is as enjoyable as possible. Following these guidelines will enable you to maximize your experience of remote sessions and, in live streamed classes, to connect with the teacher and your group, albeit virtually. Health Questionnaire and Assessment Before taking part in a remote session you must have completed a health questionnaire and acknowledged your understanding of the remote learning disclaimer. If you are an existing student you do not need to complete an additional health questionnaire but you will still need to acknowledge the remote learning disclaimer. Teachers draw your attention to this disclaimer in different ways, usually by inclusion in their documentation or emails. If you are a new student to your teacher, you must also go through a brief online assessment interview. . Your Responsibilities: Remote learning has insurance implications and responsibilities for you as a student/participant. BWY teachers are fully insured to teach remotely, either live streamed or pre-recorded, on a secure platform, to a private audience. However, they are unable to risk assess the space in which you are practising, or you, to the same degree that is possible in face to face teaching. Therefore, you must be aware that by participating in remote sessions you agree to be responsible for ensuring you are practising in a suitable remote environment, and that you are healthy enough to participate. All BWY teachers follow “best practice guidelines” and it is your responsibility to follow these student guidelines, as your commitment to keeping yourself safe and injury free. GD

Apart from that come and enjoy the class, arrive early so tap on the link/app to get into the room early to set up a safe space and you can chat at the beginning. During the class I will mute all so there is no sound but you can send questions in the chat button for me to answer, video can be on/off your choice but it is good to see you .At the end you can go or hang around to chat as I will unmute all at the end. When you speak you/move will go into full picture and group can see you. Remember if you have video on other s in the group can sees you but its only a small box , you can pin me /spotlight me so I am in large to fully see the class and teaching. it is lovely when you can see other yogi’s and say hi ,give virtual hugs during these unusual times.
warm wishes

Debs xxx

Testimonial for Debbie's teaching

Thank you for your simple but beautifully inspiring words of encouragement Debbie-you have turned my tiny tree into a mini forest! Sharon.