Yoga In You

With Debbie Redcliffe, Liverpool Yoga Teacher

Yoga Classes/workshops in Liverpool/Wales/Lake District retreats

Private group/business corporate sessions £60 – £ 80 a session  plus travel expenses if outside Liverpool.

£40 per 60 mins /£55 per 90 minutes for individual/shared sessions  inclusive of travel to you if in Liverpool City centre area ( a small mileage expense/tunnel fee if further out 40p per mile).  concession price   £35 an hour or £45 hour and half for students/low waged. Happy to travel to your home .

‘The more we sweat in Peace, the less we bleed in War’



Contact Debbie on 07765715974 or email on


The pose- Hanumanasana Exploring devotion and limitless potential- The pose is about taking a LEAP OF FAITH!

mon 545pm hatha flow youryoga studio wood st

mon 730pm sports direct flow

tue 10am vinyasa flow Youryoga wood st

630pm yin/yang flow planet yoga smithdown Road

wed 10am yin @rise yoga 730pm yin @ Yogacit@ Youryogaa flow Watkinson St

thur am flow youryoga 7pm yin @ youryoga studio wood street

Testimonial for Debbie's teaching

Thank you for your simple but beautifully inspiring words of encouragement Debbie-you have turned my tiny tree into a mini forest! Sharon.