Yoga In You

With Debbie Redcliffe, Liverpool Yoga Teacher

About Debbie

Debbie found yoga at the end of 2001 when she was going through a soul searching time. As an actor there were ups and downs and one day she asked that question to the universe- ‘ There has got to be more to life than this?’ I was putting all my happiness into getting an acting job and when I didn’t get the part I couldn’t detach and the lows were lows!!Dealing with rejection on any level creates issues of  self-worth/image/doubt within you. I felt lost in the world and deep down knew  I was meant to be happy and in celebration of life. My background is in performing arts and I hold a B.A. HONS degree in acting and am still a professional actor and love it ( acting is my ultimate dream and creativity) but the work is so sporadic that becoming a yoga teacher has given me a deeper purpose in my life and yoga helps to centre and ground me in this unpredictable world .I fondly remember doing my BWY Foundation Course 2002-3 saying to my tutor Janet Irlam after her suggesting it to me that I don’t and never want to be a teacher!! Haha. I may have been scared of the responsibility that went with it and as an actor I could hide behind characters- this would just be me in front of people! Would I be good enough and will I be accepted?’ The  experience has been beautifully inspiring and positive from students that you know you were meant to be a teacher. I never found or sort it out- IT TRULY FOUND ME ! I have the opportunity now to give back to others what yoga has given me. I got married in 2012 and live with my beautiful husband Garry in Liverpool who brings a smile to my face daily! Happiness comes from within and my world is a much better place for him being in it.


‘We are the imagination of Ourselves’
Bill Hicks (comedian)

My classes have an informal friendly approach, they are energising and creative but at the heart of them are a sense of well being and liberation, believing that yoga is for everyone and it is about finding the yoga in you! When this happens we can empower ourselves and lift our lives to a higher level and enjoy this gift of life which is everyone’s right. Freedom on life’s path is Debbie’s basic life mantra. Although I love the hindu philosophy that comes with training as a yoga teacher my spiritual experience and connection has always been from acknowledgement of angels, spirit guides and psychic churches/groups. I am very weary of anything that ends with an ISM- haha! I am very drawn to native American chants and philosophy. recently I have come back to the Holy Bible and the teachings of Jesus christ. I believe in non cruelty to animals and a nd therefore live a plant based diet. Eating animals is not an option. I will always be in gratitude to the LATE Helen Clarke ( founder of well being centre on Hope st) for giving me my richest teaching experience of being a teacher at Liverpool’s first yoga centre from 2005-2011. the wonderful well being and yoga centre. thank you Helen the classes/workshops were amazing!



Studied experience/Intensives with :

  • Ashtanga/shamanic study with Danny paradise 2010
  • December 2009/2010 Goa,India Ashtanga self practice study under the guidance of Melanie Cooper
  • Donna Fahri ( 5 days)
  • Liz Lark/Jean Hall
  • Mathew Sweeney
  • Ashtanga vinyasa studies in Mysore, India (2007) with the late Pattabois jois and his grandson sharath Rangaswamy
  • David Swenson
  • Erin Flemming
  • Bridget Woods Kramer ( Anusara Yoga)
  • Chris Norman (my first vinyasa flow teacher)
  • continued work with special needs children at primary Support Huyton Liverpool.
  • presently working with Art/soul/Parkview for ex addicts on enhancing their  physical and mental well being with yoga, meditation and relaxation
  • recently beeen working for Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts with the Foundation performance arts course students.
  • Local teachers I have workshopped/class with  include Faye Blundell ( Dharma Mittra yoga),Yasmin Andrew ( Ashtanga), Joanna Nadjich,Jackie Quayle, Frank Perry, Andrea jivamukti, Norman Blair ( yin London)
  • Noah Maze Intensive April 2017

2020 Nov Sarah lo – yin yoga kidney /bladder meridians workshop


March 5th-7th Yoga Nidra TT 30-40 Hrs Melanie Cooper/Jenny Wadsten


photo (19)preg poster picpregnancy yoga private sessions available or book me for a special group.