Yoga In You

With Debbie Redcliffe, Liverpool Yoga Teacher

Why yoga

Yoga means ‘ to join’, ‘to yoke’- unionship of body , mind and spirit. When these three are at one we are closer to our ‘true self’. We have scraped away the EGO false layers so to speak.It also means ‘ a force’  in Ha-tha yoga ( sun/moon)like in the star wars movies and can be interpreted as that empowering energy within us that allows creative realization.

Yoga is not just stretches and postures to make you more flexible, infact you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. It is a lifestyle and more about developing flexibility in our minds through the physical poses although it it wonderful to see people get into postures they never thought they could and to express themselves.

With the continually fast moving , high performing stressful lives of today yoga can bring balance , calm and relaxation into people’s lives. Yoga give you the time for you, when are we ever quiet and still? It is so inportant for our health to bring calmness and stillness to our lives for some of the health problems of today come from mental stress and emotional issues which then manifests into physical form.

The benefits are huge, not only do our energy levels improve so does our strength, flexibility, alignment, builds confidence, postural defects, injuries,digestive system, immune system, hormone balancing, circulation, learning how to release tension and the list goes on………….
Fundamentally I believe yoga allows us to be empowered and bring positive creativeness back into our lives and to feel harmony with all that is around us. Yoga is an exploration of our inmost beingness that allows us to enjoy the gift of the ‘PRESENCE ‘

Is Yoga For You?

Definitely! Be kind to yourself and give yourself that time.Yoga works on many levels, you don’t have to be on a spiritual path to come to yoga, practical reasons stress related problems and a sense of wellbeing are just as valid. I believe yoga in for everyone if you just take that first step to try. Take from yoga what you need for now and that is great. Yoga has found you and then you will find.


“The Yoga in You ! “

As a fanatical Liverpool Football fan I can honesty say: